i had a lunch the other day with a longtime friend

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who is one of the pioneers in the field of AI.

He said something similar as yours -"科技创新,本来是为了提高生产效率,解决人的生存,生活问题,让人生活更有保障,更安全,更幸福" but it's a shame that the results of our progress in technology have been used to widen the gap of the "have" and "have not".  He think we need to work toward:

1. Sustainability of our life style

2. Set limit on the gap of the highest and the lowest salaries

3. Free education, free health care, and universal basic income. Yes, we have enough money to do so, if we are not so    polarized.

4. Less working hrs., more leisure time.

But, i am more worried about if we can't resolve our differences peacefully as human beings, a war could destroy everything before such a society become a reality.



权势就是靠gap形成的。人幸福的一个重要源头就时权势。 -禾口- 给 禾口 发送悄悄话 禾口 的博客首页 禾口 的个人群组 (218 bytes) () 08/06/2018 postreply 05:27:23

你朋友说的理想社会,我不是你们乐观。 -2008VGirl- 给 2008VGirl 发送悄悄话 2008VGirl 的博客首页 2008VGirl 的个人群组 (0 bytes) () 08/06/2018 postreply 08:31:34


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