Gosh, i've done soemthing like what ur husband did too,

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for my own sanity. I'd rather stay in a hotel room and flash back all the good time I had with my mother.

My mother is a mirror for me, remind me what i shouldn't do in my relationship with my own child.

She is a controling type, however, everytime when I say "goodbye " to her, she'd look at me straight in eyes sadly says "i won't be able to see you again". After she passes a certain age, she thinks every time we meet is the last time.


你说的对,母亲就像一面镜子,让我们看到很多自己的优缺点 -祖母绿珠儿- 给 祖母绿珠儿 发送悄悄话 祖母绿珠儿 的个人群组 (986 bytes) () 04/05/2019 postreply 08:03:23

My mum said exactly the same thing to me after 78. -Gbdjw- 给 Gbdjw 发送悄悄话 Gbdjw 的个人群组 (0 bytes) () 04/05/2019 postreply 12:22:44


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