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There once was a poor chimney sweeper, who was so poor that he could not even affort a a meal.
In one hot summer afternoon, he stopped by a resturant and sniffed greedily the smell of food there.
The owner of the resturant asked him to leave. Althoug he could not pay to enjoy the food, he did not want to leave
such an appetizing smell. Finally a cook came out from inside, grabbed the sweeper, and said that the poor man had already been already satiated with the smell of the meal, he needed to pay for half of the food. Otherwise, he won't let the sweep go. The poort man said he could not pay and did not want to pay either, asking for a passerby to judge whether it's fair for such a demand.

At that moment, a police office just passed by so they brough the case to him. The officer said to the sweeper: "Since your have enjoyed the smeel of the food cooded by the this man, you need to play him. This is fair; Now it's your turn to please his sense organ, which seems to be hard to be satisfied. How much do you have with you?"
"I have totally two pennies, and I need them for bread, Sir."
"Don't worry, " The officer answered, "Now use your two hands to hold the two pennies and try hard to shake them to rattle."

The sweeper followed what the officer told him to do. The office then turned to the cook, "Sir, I think that he has just paid you. The smell of your food pleased his nose; The rattling of his coins pleased your ears as well."
Bystanders were satisified with the officer's decision. Although the cook was not happy with it, that was all what he could get.