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An Amazing Ruling

There was a poor chimney sweeper, who was too poor to afford a meal. On a scorching summer noon, he stopped at a restaurant and stood there smelling the aroma of the food greedily. The owner of restaurant asked him to leave several times. Although he could not afford to buy the food for a taste, he was reluctant to leave the delicious smell behind. At last, the cook walked out of the kitchen, grabbed the chimney sweeper, and said that the chimney sweeper had smelled the food and should pay half price of the food, otherwise he will not let the chimney sweeper go. The poor man said that he could not afford it, did not want to pay for it, and he suggested to ask a passerby to judge if such demand is fair and reasonable.

At that moment, a policeman happened to pass by, and the case was brought to him. The policeman said to the chimney sweeper:” If one of your sense organs enjoyed the fragrant of the food this gentleman cooked, you should pay him back,  and it is fair; now it is your turn to satisfy one of his sense organs, and this organ of his seems more difficult to be satisfied than stomach. How much money do you have?”

“I only have two pennies all together, and I need them to buy bread, Sir.”

“Don’t worry.” the policeman said:” Hold the two pennies with your two hands and shake them to make kada kada sound.”

The chimney sweeper did so. So the policeman turned around and said to the cook:” Sir, I think  he already paid you. The fragrant of your food satisfied his nose and the sound of his pennies also satisfied your ears.”

His ruling made bystanders happy. Although the cook was not satisfied, that was the only compensation he could get.