Maybe your kid is a pro at time management and super efficient:)

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Mine had studied for double majors, so his loads were heavy. Plus a study abroad semester( had to finish all required courses in 7semesters), frequent travels for national meetings and competitions, special oversea programs, being a head for major student organizations and clubs, and GPA requirement for a merit based scholarship, that's a lot on his plate.

However, he had got well paid internships every summer in college yrs, more than enough to cover his summer travels and living cost on campus.


说的就是要么在学习期间打工,要么在暑期打工,能做intern 更好,总是可以贴补一些的。。 -桃子苹果- 给 桃子苹果 发送悄悄话 桃子苹果 的博客首页 桃子苹果 的个人群组 (288 bytes) () 08/09/2018 postreply 05:35:14

My post was responding to your post of "work-study/party school" --worldance-- 给 -worldance- 发送悄悄话 -worldance- 的个人群组 (611 bytes) () 08/09/2018 postreply 08:41:24


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