It doesn't have to take sonic speed to yield/show the cone

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回答: Sound boom in US Navy Blue Angels showsxia232023-10-28 07:11:09

as long as the pressure in the wave front matches/exceeds the vapor pressure of water at that location. It can happend during commerical jet take-off over the wing as well. This is a visualization of aerodynamic flow field/pattern.


看来是物理大牛。。 -盈盈一笑间- 给 盈盈一笑间 发送悄悄话 盈盈一笑间 的博客首页 (0 bytes) () 10/28/2023 postreply 08:10:34

Thank you. -xia23- 给 xia23 发送悄悄话 xia23 的博客首页 (0 bytes) () 10/28/2023 postreply 09:09:00

But I doubt. If it happens in this case, I could watch and -xia23- 给 xia23 发送悄悄话 xia23 的博客首页 (146 bytes) () 10/28/2023 postreply 10:35:51

All I am saying is that -Marauders- 给 Marauders 发送悄悄话 (389 bytes) () 10/28/2023 postreply 22:19:23

谢谢。 I agree that could happen. But that might not be -xia23- 给 xia23 发送悄悄话 xia23 的博客首页 (270 bytes) () 10/29/2023 postreply 06:22:56



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