My try:)

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I have seen you once with your altruistic (bandage)
And I know that you have given me the (eye)
Let me see you twice and I will be your (appendage?)
In this silver dollar kingdom of the (blind)

I bet you think I'm lonely
I bet you think I've got you on my (mind)
You were (awesome?) and I was always (smile?) -- doesn't make sense
I bet you think I'm lonely
I bet you think I'm (crying) all the time
Pity always said she'd be your bride

I have fallen down at least every other (Sunday)
And on every other Monday I have (cried)
I have played the (card)
I have danced around your (glory)
I have waited I have waited for my (line?)


I have written down almost everything you (told) (me)
And I sold it for a purple wedding (gown)


厉害的,appendage -Marauders- 给 Marauders 发送悄悄话 (0 bytes) () 04/21/2021 postreply 16:06:18

看到虫虫听到这个,我还想笑,盲肠,怎么会是盲肠嘛,难怪我错了:) -beautifulwind- 给 beautifulwind 发送悄悄话 beautifulwind 的博客首页 (0 bytes) () 04/21/2021 postreply 16:21:34

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就这个词听了好几遍,她的发音很难懂,汗 -甜虫虫- 给 甜虫虫 发送悄悄话 甜虫虫 的博客首页 (0 bytes) () 04/23/2021 postreply 12:32:11



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