An Audio Guide to Poetry Recitation - 15. Punching words

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An Audio Guide to Poetry Recitation - 15. Punching words

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The recitation of poetry and every other kind of  public speaking is about conveying meaning. The primary way in which we convey meaning in our spoken language is through stress. By stressing a word, we emphasize its importance. Poetry operates the same way. It arranges stresses in a pattern that we call meter. Meter conveys meaning. Actors and public speakers understand the power of stress. Actors call this "punching a word". By changing the stress, you change the meaning. Listen:

You Gave her [flowers]?
You gave [her] flowers?
[You] gave her flowers?

When you recite a poem, punch the words you want too emphsis the most.



“Meter conveys meaning. ” Got it. Thanks.新年好,肖庄。 -紫君- 给 紫君 发送悄悄话 紫君 的博客首页 紫君 的个人群组 (0 bytes) () 01/01/2015 postreply 16:55:01

Yes, different stresses tell people different meanings. Thanks 肖 -南山松- 给 南山松 发送悄悄话 南山松 的博客首页 南山松 的个人群组 (0 bytes) () 01/01/2015 postreply 19:26:39

Very helpful, thanks Xiao! Happy New Year! -ZTM- 给 ZTM 发送悄悄话 ZTM 的博客首页 ZTM 的个人群组 (0 bytes) () 01/02/2015 postreply 08:15:48


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