Is this moral?

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I need to buy two of this. Funny enough I moved into this new house on April the 1st, even more it was 2020 the April fool's day, the onset of the pandemic. 

I am lazy and cheap. I wasn't motivated to installed it myself and I didn't want to pay anyone to install it for me.  So for two years I have been lifting and closing the garage doors by hands. Eventually, I cannt hold it any longer, actually, the woman cannt tolerate any longer.  And eventually, my cheapness triumphed my laziness. I will buy 2 of them now and install them myself. So shop around, and I discovered this is almost the one and only one major brand in my local and even web. 

The same product: the HomeDepot prices it at 359.00$, Lowes prices at 339.00$.

Here is a question for you, which one should I go?  Does this sound like a brainless question? Go for Lowes.

If I say I am going to the HomeDepot, would you laugh at me? 

Now look at this: the homedepot price matching policy Canada

If you find a current lower price on an identical, in-stock item from a local retailer's store or website, we will match the price and beat it by 10%.

So If I go to HD I will only pay 305.00$ for each. 

I knew this and I would go to the higher priced HD store on purpose to take this advantage. I showed this to my colleagues, and asked them: Is this moral?

What do you think?

To this they answer: sure, of course...

On the other hand, thinking about the marketing tactices nowadays, HD might even do this on purpose. 

1, the price is transparent online. Lowering price is not always the case among competitors for marketing.  Everyone knows everyone's price. Price war is never end and always hurts.

2, So if some customers didn't pay attention to Lowes's price, HD would take the advantage of 20$ extra.  HD price matching policy is well known. For price sensitive buyers, this policy will draw all the potential buyers to HD, so they get more sales. 

3,realizing this fact, I can rest peacefully, HD is not more moral than I am.  

It is perfectly moral to do this.





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HD 会说网络价不含在10% 有奖policy里。曾问过HD其某产品在网上比店里更cheep? (答,网上不一样)。 -AP33912- 给 AP33912 发送悄悄话 AP33912 的博客首页 AP33912 的个人群组 (0 bytes) () 06/21/2022 postreply 15:07:00

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我喜欢Lowes, 我从那里买很多园艺的东西,花草树木,质量好,选择多 :)商家竞争使价格降低,消费者受益 -天玉之- 给 天玉之 发送悄悄话 天玉之 的博客首页 天玉之 的个人群组 (0 bytes) () 06/21/2022 postreply 15:51:25

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