A & A Project: 给咖啡厅加盖户外硬顶凉棚

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Erection of  a Hard Roof for Coffee Shop Outdoor Refreshment Area (ORA)

1. In the Beginning


2. Preliminary Works (Sub-Total=$7000)

a. To engage Professional Engineer (PE) to submit and endorse drawings to the followings for Outdoor Refreshment Area (ORA):

1. Building Control Authority (BCA) 

2. Fire Safety Shelter Department (FSSD)

3. Housing Development Board (HDB)

4. National Environment Agency (NEA)

b. To design,calculate and endorse on Re-enforced Concrete (RC) stumps/footings to hold Newly Proposed Clay Roof

c. To design,calculate and endorse on Main Structural framing elements of Roof

d. To purchase plans from Relevant Plans from BCA and FSSD for submission purpose

3. Demonlition Works (Sub-Total=$950)

3.1 To dismantle Existing Canopy and Footings

3.2 To hack off Existing Poles and Lights

3.3 To excavate and cave out roots for New RC Footings

3.4 To remove Existing Gutter and rainwater downpipes (RWDPs)

4. Masonry Works (Sub-Total=$3,750)

4.1 To cast RC Footings (RC Stumps) to receive new timber support

4.2 To supply waterproofing membrane

4.3 To make good peripheral of RCFootings with Heavy Duty Ceramic Tiles
4.4 To erect Metal Posts to support Metal roofing (8)

5. Roofing Works (Sub-Total=$27,640)

5.1 To erect Main Framing to support roof using 6-8mm thick Galvanized MS hollow sections

5.2 To erect Proposed New Roof using Kalzip profiled Metal roofing with C-Channels and Purlins, Angle Plates, BRC Meshes and Insulations

5.3 To cast New gutter and Aluminum Flashing with RWDPs

6. False Ceiling Works (Sub-Total=$4,704)

6.1 To erect false ceiling panel using Calcium Silicate Board

7. Electrical Works (Sub-Total=$1,350)

7.1To do the following Works

 Fan Points (2)

 To install fans (2)

 Lighting Points (8)

 To install lights (8)

7.2 To  hack for Concealed Works

8. Miscellaneous Works (Sub-Total=$400)

8.1To clear debris after works

8.2To erect hoarding Works

8.3To make deposit to management

  9. Grand Total (after discount) = $45,000 

10. Completion and in Operation



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