7th grader's poem, 请点评, 谢谢

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What do you consider entertainment?

 What do you consider fun?

Everyone has different ideas of entertainment.

Some people say video games

Like Fortnite, CSGO, and Minecraft.

I hear the pew-pew of the bullets

Or the bang of the explosions.

Or the materials going clunk-clunk-clunk.

And the block being broken with a click.

Why are games so fun?

And why do they include many puns?

VR is too realistic, like a 4D movie right in front of your face.

I don’t want to see or taste the icky gore and sticky blood in games,

Or smell the smell of rotting bodies.

Or the noise effects blasting in my ears,

Like speakers turned up.

Exploding and demolishing my eardrums.

I don’t want to feel the bullets graze my skin.

I play video games, I’m not hating

I just don’t like these games with very good ratings.

Other people choose Netflix, Hulu, or On Demand.

I have none of these. I don’t care. They are just pixels with noise.

I just watch PBS, ION Television.

Those are free channels, and the shows on them I enjoy.

But they can be boring,

 have paid programming, or have shows that I’ve already watched.

People go to movies as fun.

My parents tell me to wait for a good movie

And not waste money on bad ones.

But to find a good movie I have to wait for weeks and months at a time.

Others choose their phones,

With Rider and Clash of Clans.

With the destruction of vehicles that break like potato chips,

And warriors turning into piles of purple goo that looks like bubble gum.

My phone was confiscated

People play sports, like soccer or football.

I fail at most sports, so those I avoid.

I also hate when the heat and the cold combine,

With sweat and the freezing air

Turns me into a frozen cooked piece of meat.

Some people draw intricate works of art

I’m horrible at this as well, my humans

Look like sticks put together by a kid

Who broke them off from a nearby tree.

People play on their computers

Their Xboxes and PlayStations

Board games are also popular,

Like Settlers of Catan, Monopoly, or Risk.

All three of those prepare you for future life.

Whether in business, making agreements with others, or taking Risks.

Hungry Hippos are hungry for hundreds of huge orbs.

But the games are pointless.

People have different forms of entertainment

Based on who they are.

I am different than most others

I like to write stories that no one else is allowed to see

And read books that only I want to read.

The perfect combination:

Writing and reading.

That’s my favorite kind of entertainment.

If I could only choose one mode of entertainment, it would be one of them.



Noun. “the action of providing or being provided with amusement or enjoyment.”

Or “an event, performance, or activity designed to entertain others.”

I thank Google for the definitions.

 I also do that for fun.

It doesn’t matter what kind of entertainment you like.

As the definition says, you should have amusement or enjoyment.

You should be entertained.

No one should treat you differently,

No matter what you do in your spare time.

Now, what do you do as entertainment?

What do you consider fun?


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