Foreword for Breadth Breathe

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This is the poet and writer Sha Yan’s sixth collection, he calls it “Breadth Breathe”. Sha Yan is a spiritual man and in his Chinese traditional culture, mirrors, images and themes are critical, Eastern kind of topics. In his collection, he is trying to draw a close line of the cultural indifferences between him and the western world he learned. Cultural assimilation here in Quebec played an important role in his creative career, and in this massive, yet transcendental world in Montreal, he learned to adapt and his own “GRAND” measure of adaptation. Classicism is not ultimate, yet modernism in this computer age is not ultimate too, but God, the eternity is. That is what he is trying to say in his album, “Breadth Breathe”. That year when he was only eight, Sha Yan played sands in the sand piles in the construction field in the city; he did not understand the cause and the course of the playing, he just played. These days, after he has created five works, and therefore this sixth one, he learned the rule, the rule of the game, which is very important in his career in this part of the world, Western world. When spectacular Eastern sparks meet the spectacular West.



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