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Sha Yan


Running water is kind of like troubled water

I have an English painting, Albertan painter

Tackles troubled lake, I think it tells fountain

Who cares, not gorgeous, but I still like it


That English professor, tackles something else

I think it is his mental gun, unfortunately I was his student

Saratoga garden I visited when I was in California

It is a Japanese garden, I can show my audiences the photo


That year when I was nine, I was in the construction field

Beside sand piles, I left my creative works, not an easy task

I became brilliant only after I turned 30, too late, unemployed

Married me and my ex-wife by now, who knows when she loved me


Still them they found I am interesting, my career is my money

I don’t know, a decayed mind, it flashes kinks an easy end

She likes me, what’s her name, not important by now

On my way home, there are obstacles, not an easy prediction


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