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Sha Yan

At that given moment
He is thinking, "why I don't give her a break?"
"I can't," he thought, maybe he will have another chance
She can not forgive him, for his decent mistakes

So the snow started to melt these days
And there was another little snow fall today, again
Give a moment thinking, he will go outside
Thought further, he didn't, he stayed at home for the whole day

She called him, made sure she is not lonely
She often does that, when there is no one with her
But he thought, they just saw each other two days ago
He often meets her when he really needed her

There is going to be a long way, the battle is on
But for another thought, moment of indulgent love
He needed her more than often, she is also ready
So he will need more money, he wants to marry her

He is not rich, she is too decent
She is waiting for that moment, his propose
It will not be a crash, he knows it already, for good
She is waiting, and he will go away, for money, to sail, away


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