If he was on sick leave on the lay-off day, he would get protect

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of FMLA (Family & Medical Leave Act) for 12 weeks. Federal Law of FMLA  is extremely powerful and useful of course.

If he was not in sick leave on the lay off day, he may not have any meaningful options remaining. 

Below is what my sister experienced: she not only got sick pay for 6 months but also had regular employee benefit indicluding health insurance for 6 months.

She was taking a short-term sick leave because of a major disease when her company announced a massive layoff. Because of FMLA, the company could not lay off her.  The FMLA protected her for 12 weeks.  At end of 12 weeks, her doctor (specialist) issued a letter indicating she was unable to return to work. Therefore she continued short-term leave for another 3 months. When the 6-month short-term disability ended, she went to her company and got her belongs back. On that day, she officially was seperated from her company.

The story does not end here. Before her company's maximum 6-month short-term sick leave ended, she filed a claim of long-term disability to the insurance company from which she purchased disablity insurance. After the insurance company collected all info from her doctors/specialists, her claim was approved and she got amount from the insruance company equivalent to 50% of her regular salary starting on the day when the short-term sick pay ended. After she had received disability pay for 1 year, her doctor indicated she was no longer diable and thus she no longer received diability payment.





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