Give her lots of love and encourage her to further her career gr

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so that she will have more opportunities to meet varieties of successful professionals and ............  On the other hand discourage her to have children early on in her marriage.  Honestly I feel that you pushed your daughter away by not inviting him coming into your home, by not having deep/subtle conversation with him, by not respecting her and treating her as an adult.  Anybody have their own faults.  Only after you spend time with him, your points of views(finding his faults), which is likely opposite of hers, carry weight, and you would have better chance to convince your daughter.  Right now, the most important thing is to give her lots of love, so your daughter will come back to you and will know what she should do eventually.  只能把爱放在心里了!让她吃点苦去! - You are hurting her.  Pls do research on the subject of LOVE.




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