Please!!! Don't give up!!! See my text .

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As a medical oncologist, I urge you:  don't give up!!!  I understand your love for your son,  but you put your love in a wong direction!!!  Yes, the treatment is not easy, and your son will continue to suffer for a few months, even yr.  But ALL in children is >90 % curable.  You, as a mother, need to be strong to overcome and sustain all this difficult process!!! 

Please for your son's future,   follow doctor's instruction.    


She is already misleading the doctor. That would let the doctor -ChinaNemo- 给 ChinaNemo 发送悄悄话 ChinaNemo 的博客首页 ChinaNemo 的个人群组 (87 bytes) () 07/19/2018 postreply 16:34:13


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