WHO 有关是否使用口罩的最新信息

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We’re also continuing to study the evidence about the use of masks.

WHO’s priority is that frontline health workers are able to access essential personal protective equipment, including medical masks and respirators.

That’s why we are continuing to work with governments and manufacturers to step up the production and distribution of personal protective equipment, including masks.

There’s an ongoing debate about the use of masks at the community level.

WHO recommends the use of medical masks for people who are sick and those caring for them.

However, in these circumstances, masks are only effective when combined with other protective measures.

WHO continues to gather all available evidence and continues to evaluate the potential use of masks more broadly to control COVID-19 transmission at the community level.


WHO 的思想方法太古板。到了这个时候还在评估。正常人都会大网捞鱼。 -御用文人- 给 御用文人 发送悄悄话 御用文人 的个人群组 (0 bytes) () 04/01/2020 postreply 22:00:29


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