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For thousands of years, people from all over the world have been trying to figure out how to eat healthy foods in order to promote health and prolong life.
They have tried countless natural and man-made products over generations and too many of them died from trying.
Researchers found that people living in some areas in Blue Zones live measurably longer lives. Blue Zone locations are Loma Linda, California; Sardinia, Italy; Okinawa, Japan; Icaria Greece, and Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica.
People have been trying to finger out why people living in those areas live a longer life. Some scientists have been studying Mediterranean diet, olive oil/omega 3, red wine/Resveratrol because people living in the above areas around the Mediterranean Sea eat or drink like that. Some scientists study diet rich in grains, vegetables, and fish and also caloric restriction with 70-80% satiety because people living in Okinawa, Japan, have been living that way. The interesting thing is that the people living around Mediterranean Sea and people living in Okinawa have significantly different life style. People living in Loma Linda do not do all of the above.  Then, some people started to study the impact of region on longevity because most people living in Loma Linda are Seventh-day Adventist.
Some researchers claim that Resveratrol might be a key ingredient in red wine that may help prevent heart disease. Those findings were reported only in mice, not in people. In addition, to get the same dose of resveratrol used in the mice studies, a person would have to drink more than 1,000 liters of red wine every day. We know that nobody can even handle few liters of red wine a day. This is funny but a lot of people taking resveratrol don't know the funny part.
Why the above phenomena happened?


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