waiver of subrogation

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I think your issue is with the waiver of subrogation in the HOA CC&R, that every insurance shall contains "waiver of subrogation" so that insurance of the damaged party (e.g. you) don't go after the responsible party (e.g. the neighbor). Or if it is the common pipe that bursts, the waiver of subrogation would prevent insurance of the damaged party (e.g. you) to sue the HOA who is responsible for the common pipes. 

This clause is there to discourage litigation between owenrs and HOA and/or among neighbors.  You lost a few thousand in this case, but if table was turned, if your pipe bursted and caused damage to others, you might not have to pay a few thousands to cover the deductible of the affected owner.

In your case, you can still go after your neighbor in small claim court to receover the deducitlbe.  The waiver of subgrogation merely prevents your insurance company to sue your neighbor on your behalf.  It is assumed people would give up their claim if they have to take time off and go to small claim themselves.

I am sorry this concept is better explained in English because you need to talk to your neighbor, HOA and insurance company in English.   


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