Why conditional? charge whatever the cost is.

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Damages: total of items below is $ 960.00, conditional* reduced to $ 480.00

  1. Kitchen Floor damages -repair cost $720,
  2. Living room’s window glass broke, double glass panel, inside glass broken, repair cost:  $120.00
  3. For the smallest bedroom, damaged door jam repair cost: $30.00
  4. Replace the bedroom lock with an unauthorized keyed lock: $ 55.00
  5. Missing ceiling light cover in the laundry room - $35.00

conditional* means If any party decides to resolve any disagreement regarding this closing statement, the Landlord will eliminate the discounted charge, and will charge the original fees listed.

By redeeming this check, you, xxxxcertifies you agree with the terms of this final statement and have no further disagreement with the Landlord. The lease contract between you and the landlord has ended without dispute.


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conditional reduced the total charged is for 避免上法庭。让他们知道上法庭我会dem -nanbudao- 给 nanbudao 发送悄悄话 nanbudao 的个人群组 (0 bytes) () 10/12/2021 postreply 20:18:49

你的策略应该是,一开始扣960, -柠檬椰子汁- 给 柠檬椰子汁 发送悄悄话 柠檬椰子汁 的博客首页 柠檬椰子汁 的个人群组 (110 bytes) () 10/13/2021 postreply 07:16:33


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