please tell me ration

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回答: I made beautiful rice noodles with this methodelfie2019-03-14 06:11:25

Hi Elfie, I like rice noodle a lot, I clicked on the link but don't understand the language, would you please tell me what kind of rice you use and the ratio of rice to water? Thank you a lot.


It is in their website -elfie- 给 elfie 发送悄悄话 elfie 的个人群组 (112 bytes) () 03/14/2019 postreply 09:04:25

thank you -wangmiao- 给 wangmiao 发送悄悄话 wangmiao 的个人群组 (0 bytes) () 03/14/2019 postreply 10:06:25


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