you got to think about this question.

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how far do you want to go to become a handy women.

I do not recomment every investors to take houses that need extensive work.

By intensive work I mean things like:

replace whole roof;

completely redo kitchen

" " bathrooms



Any single item over 5k and total more than 15k.

Flat roof is trouble. You are most likely in need to rip part of the plywood off to replace rotten part. And sooner or later it will leak again...


不想做handy women。我太懒了 或者说太娇气了。上次刷了一个房间的漆,我手腕疼了两天。 -DD2020- 给 DD2020 发送悄悄话 DD2020 的博客首页 DD2020 的个人群组 (346 bytes) () 10/18/2021 postreply 06:59:47

I will do that. Even a 12-3 slope is much better than flat. -borisg- 给 borisg 发送悄悄话 borisg 的博客首页 borisg 的个人群组 (68 bytes) () 10/18/2021 postreply 07:23:25


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