maybe for the control panel

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回答: 那为什么有个plug attached?sac2020-10-30 11:48:15

I don't know what control panel does, you can plug it in to see what's going on. 

The water softner itself actually don't need electricity. 


Thanks! But there’s no outlet nearby... I asked the agent, he sa -sac- 给 sac 发送悄悄话 sac 的个人群组 (72 bytes) () 10/30/2020 postreply 12:11:02

装的时候为了省钱没有找电工拉线 -柠檬椰子汁- 给 柠檬椰子汁 发送悄悄话 柠檬椰子汁 的博客首页 柠檬椰子汁 的个人群组 (41 bytes) () 10/30/2020 postreply 14:13:44


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