there are two options:

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回答: whoever did this roof is shit...borisg2020-01-20 14:05:57

the roof deck was not installed correctly. It's too close to the facia board. The lower edge of the roof should extend a little further so that the water will go to the gutter. This one is too close so when the shingle was installed last time the guy tried to extended down. However this made things even worse because the lower edge of the shingles is loose that allows water to go through it. 

The second mistake was the drip edge was not installed or not installed correctly.

At this moment the the lowest row of roof plywood deck is probable gone.

You can have the option to either replace the lower part of the roof (deck and shingles) or the whole side. Some rafters may need reinforced (I don't think you have to replace them) and all the facia boards need replacement.



波大, 中文说一便?那个方案最简单省钱?谢谢了。 -keeplooking- 给 keeplooking 发送悄悄话 keeplooking 的个人群组 (0 bytes) () 01/20/2020 postreply 14:17:57

这里的房子同中国的建法不同。翻译成中文谁懂啊。如果没人懂,翻译成中文有什么意义。 -PtLandlord- 给 PtLandlord 发送悄悄话 PtLandlord 的个人群组 (72 bytes) () 01/20/2020 postreply 16:10:45

你需要揭开看。该换什么换什么。不能只想省钱。 -PtLandlord- 给 PtLandlord 发送悄悄话 PtLandlord 的个人群组 (82 bytes) () 01/20/2020 postreply 16:19:01

这个原来没有gutter.波大再仔细看看。 -susan_xv- 给 susan_xv 发送悄悄话 susan_xv 的个人群组 (0 bytes) () 01/20/2020 postreply 19:34:38


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