Hi, I have a couple of questions for you on DJ.

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回答: 无人机入门两由之2019-07-12 19:34:13

1) Does your DJ have a video broadcasting capability while flying?

2) What are resolution and flame rate?

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1. No alive broadcasting. -两由之- 给 两由之 发送悄悄话 两由之 的博客首页 (2291 bytes) () 07/13/2019 postreply 11:25:13

If it does not have a live broadcast, how do you know -jassco- 给 jassco 发送悄悄话 (86 bytes) () 07/13/2019 postreply 21:40:23

Maybe I misunderstand your question. -两由之- 给 两由之 发送悄悄话 两由之 的博客首页 (364 bytes) () 07/14/2019 postreply 06:04:05


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