just look at the chimney from outside you will

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be able to tell if it has a cap. If it doesn't ,then you need to install one. You might have to measure and order online.


谢谢波大。 刚才请人去查有Chimney Cap 牢固。 设备房的Drywall和下水管道旁边有小老鼠屎,波大有什么建议 -FL330- 给 FL330 发送悄悄话 (0 bytes) () 06/19/2024 postreply 16:15:52

It's really hard to prevent mice from getting into the house -borisg- 给 borisg 发送悄悄话 borisg 的博客首页 (252 bytes) () 06/19/2024 postreply 16:20:00

A cat, a good cat that is, should do. ;-) -最西边的岛上- 给 最西边的岛上 发送悄悄话 最西边的岛上 的博客首页 (0 bytes) () 06/19/2024 postreply 19:53:08



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