I was actually disappointed when I visited Chendu last year

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回答: 舌尖上的成都享受生活992017-10-02 22:10:32

Maybe my expectations were too high. A lot of items were just MA LA but no salt. There was one place that has many different kinds of food in Jin li, all the foods were just bad bad bad. Cannot believe they screwed up that much. Mapou tofu got too many peppercorns.  After one bite you could not taste anything else.


Is salt expensive in Chendu? -rty- 给 rty 发送悄悄话 (0 bytes) () 10/03/2017 postreply 15:01:16

好吃的东西确实不太健康:)) -享受生活99- 给 享受生活99 发送悄悄话 享受生活99 的博客首页 (0 bytes) () 10/03/2017 postreply 17:07:22



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