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回答: 公司电脑上网问题xiaofengjiayuan2019-12-27 06:27:52
  1. 大家用公司电脑上文学城网吗?Yes, I am. 
  2. 如果supervisor 想通过公司IT部门查询你的上网历史,可以查到多久的?theoretically forever.  To get out of your company's network, your data traffic would flow through at least one firewall, where the company could keep track of traffic from your computer to whatever website you visited, and the time it happened.  If they see non-stop traffic to WXC throughout working hours, they could say you weren't working. 
  3. 如果我从history里删除的上网历史,supervisor还可以查到吗?No.Usually when your company is suspecting you of certain wrong doing, they would turn on the logging of your computer traffic to see where your traffic goes. The logging takes place at your company network firewall.  It is out of your control. 



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