$60/hr electrician doesn't know what he is doing.

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1. Find out which breaker controls these outlets. If you can not reset the breaker, then either there is an overload or a short.

2. Switch off all lights, and try to reset the breaker. If that works, then turn on the lights one by one until you find the short. If you can not reset the breaker with all lights off, then check all wall outlets to see any sign of burn/darkening on the holes.

3. You can also have a faulty breaker.

My bet is old wire behind a ceiling light had cracked insulation.

The electrician should be able to figure out and fix the problem in an hour.


he seems knowing. but has not found the short yet. he tried what -hc29- 给 hc29 发送悄悄话 hc29 的个人群组 (0 bytes) () 12/28/2010 postreply 07:45:25