It is called illegal conversion. Be careful!!!

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You need to find out from the town if you need a permit to do so or not allowed to do it at all. If some one complains about it, you may get youself in big trouble. It all depends on the town and your neighbors. Need to do more research on it.


You r right. it is not allowed. -HappyWed- 给 HappyWed 发送悄悄话 HappyWed 的个人群组 (73 bytes) () 10/04/2007 postreply 14:46:54

Add a kitchen is always legal -水鸭子- 给 水鸭子 发送悄悄话 水鸭子 的博客首页 水鸭子 的个人群组 (213 bytes) () 10/04/2007 postreply 17:05:26

Thanks for the info! -Happywed- 给 Happywed 发送悄悄话 Happywed 的个人群组 (0 bytes) () 10/04/2007 postreply 18:08:20