I don't agree with you at all.

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I will not 可能很快会可怜他, the father 。I will not 找各种理由开脱 the father unless the father tells the truth, nothing but the truth, and the father is willing to change and appoligizes to the wife.

I guess that's why some of our Chinese including you just dont' get it what RESPECT,LOVE and LAW is no matter how long you've stayed in Western society. And some of Chinese are still suffering of the so-called "Xiao" more or less.


let's agree with disagree then. :-) Thanks for your opinion. -NDMom- 给 NDMom 发送悄悄话 NDMom 的个人群组 (56 bytes) () 12/23/2005 postreply 09:55:49

无忧说的不错, 那老头是个dirty old man, for sure. -黑白分明- 给 黑白分明 发送悄悄话 黑白分明 的个人群组 (80 bytes) () 12/23/2005 postreply 15:46:09