Make your own sun-dried tomato

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Slice them into 1/2 in thickness, put on baking sheet and leave in oven, about 150F for one day. You're done. When ready to use, soak in olive oil. They're great for salad, pasta sauce, pizza.

Sun-dried tomato is so flavorful and has such nice texture, I eat it several time a wk.


you mean 150F for WHOLE DAY ? -Lvtotravel- 给 Lvtotravel 发送悄悄话 Lvtotravel 的个人群组 (0 bytes) () 07/31/2005 postreply 17:34:42

Correct. It takes time to -weston- 给 weston 发送悄悄话 weston 的个人群组 (81 bytes) () 07/31/2005 postreply 18:00:07