Ray Dalio is another American, who is like Jobs, Musk, Clinton,

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Ray Dalio is another American, like Jobs, Musk, Clinton, Bezos, obama, and Howard Shcultz, who rose to prominence in the American society from a humble background.

Dalio, whose father is a jazz musician, attended Long Island University after high school because it was the only college that accepted him. He went on to become enormously successfully on Wall Street, earned a Harvard MBA, and is today has a net worth of $19B.


His book, Principles, available for download  from

is full of wisdom.


同意你说的。看过Dalio 这本书。他的家庭背景和他的成就关系也不大。他妈还早逝。这种自身的drive和小中们整天排满的日程, -bigmountain- 给 bigmountain 发送悄悄话 bigmountain 的个人群组 (71 bytes) () 01/06/2020 postreply 14:57:19


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