NEU Co-op "mandatory". Other schools optional.

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回答: 有coop 的学校太多了,NEU的coop 不算啥凊荷2022-10-06 11:32:36

That's a huge difference.

When it's mandatory, school must find a co-op for you if you cannot find one yourself.

That leads to high % of students in co-op (i.e., work experience), better placements, overall better job (on average).

When it's optional, the co-op participation rate is low.

Obviously, T10, T20, T30 students really don't need a co-op.

But a school at NEU level (or U. Waterloo in earlier days) really pushes B-level students higher.

To the point now NEU starts to attract A-level students.



对!还有Coop的时候是不交学费但拿实习工资的,那些进大厂、花街实习的可以把学费攒出来。所以没什么亏的。 -TYTOU- 给 TYTOU 发送悄悄话 TYTOU 的博客首页 (0 bytes) () 10/06/2022 postreply 12:57:01


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