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I told my kids the following real life observation. The details are vague.

This happened during the years of class struggle when I was in primary school or younger. My mom took me to visit her aunt several times. This aunt married a man who became very ill, to make it worse, and he was considered as an outcast because of his family ties. I I don't remember her face, her name, or her husband' name or face. I only remember that the room was very dim, the conversation was quiet, everyone in the room was genuine.  The outside world was full of distress, but that little room was so peaceful.  I consider this aunt and her husband the luckiest couple in the world, despite their suffering, but they suffered together, they had each other during their darkest moments. 

The only advice I give to my kids is that the other shouldn't abandon you in the wilderness. The rest is 浮云.


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