Is this close to an office affair?

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I was trying to reach my H on his cell phone but he did not pick up and then I heard this message from his female co-worker: hi...I just had my surgery done....I was so scared but you are the first one I want to talk to about my situation.....I am feeling good dad is taking care of me....I just wanted to call to tell you this.....well, I will see you next week in the office......... (later I found she called him with her ID blocked.

I vaguely know that she is a new employee, young & married but have no children. Even before this, I sensed that my H has been close to her although he does not talk about her too much. She would call him every time he did not go to work....sounds like she was trying to tell him what to do the next day when he gets back to work. Another time she called in on HOlloween to ask H how everything was going with my kids to go out trick and treat....

I definitely think they are too close, aren't they? I don't think they are that close yet as to get into bed.....but closer. Am I too insure? I know my H has the pull in this. but when I was mad about this(I was just not able to control myself), he was so sweet and nice and saying that was completely co-worker relationship.........

What drives me nuts in this situation is that he says I was in bad, desperate mood in reacting that way. I just wanted to hear the readers here if I am unreasonable to react that way? I am not sad or anything......maybe just a little angry. But I have to clear my confused mind here.......that will help me to how look at this man and decide about my life in the future.



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Your instinct is always -OctoberMom- 给 OctoberMom 发送悄悄话 OctoberMom 的个人群组 (8 bytes) () 12/21/2005 postreply 13:22:16

Not necessarily true. -noworry- 给 noworry 发送悄悄话 noworry 的个人群组 (0 bytes) () 12/21/2005 postreply 15:19:15

follow your own heart -199100- 给 199100 发送悄悄话 199100 的个人群组 (55 bytes) () 12/21/2005 postreply 13:23:28

Not necessarily true. -noworry- 给 noworry 发送悄悄话 noworry 的个人群组 (0 bytes) () 12/21/2005 postreply 15:18:31

Love him, trust him and to be tender to him -Noworry- 给 Noworry 发送悄悄话 Noworry 的个人群组 (817 bytes) () 12/21/2005 postreply 13:35:42

通常有这种事的劳工都会说老婆情绪化,bla bla... -xxxxxxxxxx- 给 xxxxxxxxxx 发送悄悄话 xxxxxxxxxx 的博客首页 xxxxxxxxxx 的个人群组 (104 bytes) () 12/21/2005 postreply 14:42:40

You are so smart and intelligent. -NoWorry- 给 NoWorry 发送悄悄话 NoWorry 的个人群组 (0 bytes) () 12/21/2005 postreply 15:16:32

You basically can do nothing -emom- 给 emom 发送悄悄话 emom 的个人群组 (124 bytes) () 12/21/2005 postreply 15:13:18

You are very smart and intelligent, too. -noworry- 给 noworry 发送悄悄话 noworry 的个人群组 (0 bytes) () 12/21/2005 postreply 15:17:38

very true. And these type of inccidants have -疑惑- 给 疑惑 发送悄悄话 疑惑 的个人群组 (463 bytes) () 12/21/2005 postreply 15:43:51

你可以sad,也可以confuse,但千万不要angry. -PeaceLily- 给 PeaceLily 发送悄悄话 PeaceLily 的个人群组 (484 bytes) () 12/21/2005 postreply 15:23:50

Very good and proactive advices. And I love -noworry- 给 noworry 发送悄悄话 noworry 的个人群组 (49 bytes) () 12/21/2005 postreply 15:31:03

I don't think that their relationship -冰豆沙- 给 冰豆沙 发送悄悄话 冰豆沙 的个人群组 (436 bytes) () 12/21/2005 postreply 15:43:38

From what you have described, their relationship as -19815- 给 19815 发送悄悄话 19815 的个人群组 (306 bytes) () 12/21/2005 postreply 15:48:47

In any case, your H is not handling this in a mature and -19815- 给 19815 发送悄悄话 19815 的个人群组 (328 bytes) () 12/21/2005 postreply 15:58:17

see my new posts. Thanks for your advice. -疑惑- 给 疑惑 发送悄悄话 疑惑 的个人群组 (0 bytes) () 12/21/2005 postreply 16:10:16

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not yet but it could lead to one -6121- 给 6121 发送悄悄话 6121 的个人群组 (415 bytes) () 12/21/2005 postreply 19:41:53