BI:泄露的克里姆林民调显示 55% 俄民众想与乌克兰谈判结束战争

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Leaked Kremlin poll shows 55% of Russians want to see negotiations with Ukraine to end the war: report

Leaked Kremlin poll shows 55% of Russians want to see negotiations with Ukraine to end the war: report
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Russian President Vladimir Putin making a face.
Russian President Vladimir Putin during the CSTO Summit on November 23, 2022 in Yerevan, Armenia.Getty Images
  • A leaked Kremlin poll found 55% of Russians want talks to end the war in Ukraine, per Meduza.

  • The poll also found just a quarter of Russians support continuing the war.

  • The war has been devastating to Russia's military and economy.

Support for the war in Ukraine has reportedly plunged within Russia, per leaked internal polling data commissioned by the Kremlin and obtained by the independent, Latvia-based outlet Meduza.

The survey, conducted by Russia's Federal Protective Service (FSO), found that 55% of Russians favor peace talks with Ukraine. This represents a massive shift from an FSO poll in July that found just 32% of Russians favored talks, according to Meduza's reporting. The polling, which Meduza said was designated by the Kremlin for "internal use only," also showed a major drop in support for the continuing the war among Russians between July (57%) and November (25%).

Meduza noted that FSO's polling did not waver significantly from publicly available data from the independent Levada Center, which conducted a survey that found 57% of Russians on some level supported beginning negotiations with Ukraine. Meanwhile, Levada found only 27% expressed support for continuing the war.

Russia's unprovoked invasion of Ukraine has been devastating to the Russian military and seen Moscow isolated both economically and politically, but publicly criticizing the war that the Kremlin insists is merely a "special military operation" could land Russians behind bars.

Last month, the top US general said Russia is estimated to have suffered roughly 100,000 casualties in the war thus far — an astonishing number in less than a year of fighting. Russian President Vladimir Putin in September ordered a partial mobilization to address the Russian military's manpower problems, a move that was met with pushback among the Russian public and saw many men flee the country. In short, the mobilization has not gone well.

The war also led the US and its allies to slap unprecedented sanctions on Russia. In November, Russia's economy fell into a recession.

On top of the massive combat losses and the crippling economic sanctions, Russian forces have been pushed into retreat as Ukraine vies to recapture conquered territory. Ukraine has regained control of approximately 55% of the territory occupied by Russia following the invasion, according to a recent assessment from the New York Times.


俄一直表示愿意谈,拒绝谈的是司机 -天青水蓝- 给 天青水蓝 发送悄悄话 天青水蓝 的博客首页 (0 bytes) () 12/02/2022 postreply 22:30:57

俄罗斯国土都被乌占领怎么可以和谈?大帝应该把那些俄奸揪出来犬决 -aluminiums- 给 aluminiums 发送悄悄话 (0 bytes) () 12/02/2022 postreply 23:13:00

补上你故意忽略的几个字,“俄一直表示愿意(在武力占领乌克兰领土的前提下)谈,拒绝谈(投降)的是司机“ -玻璃坊- 给 玻璃坊 发送悄悄话 玻璃坊 的博客首页 (0 bytes) () 12/03/2022 postreply 06:44:53

你的意思不就是只要你占着我一块地方就拒绝谈吗?那英国占着香港葡萄牙占着澳门,中方就拒绝谈怎么可能有中英中葡联合声明? -天青水蓝- 给 天青水蓝 发送悄悄话 天青水蓝 的博客首页 (0 bytes) () 12/03/2022 postreply 08:04:03

中苏60年代末开始边境小冲突就没停,黑瞎子岛一直苏占领,副外长级谈判没停过。越南老山领土被中军占领,阮文灵照样来成都见江 -天青水蓝- 给 天青水蓝 发送悄悄话 天青水蓝 的博客首页 (0 bytes) () 12/03/2022 postreply 08:07:04

谈=投降?中俄谈的结果黑瞎子岛拿回来一半,阮文灵就更灵,和江谈完被中军占领10年的领土完璧归赵了。当然柬埔寨问题上有让步 -天青水蓝- 给 天青水蓝 发送悄悄话 天青水蓝 的博客首页 (0 bytes) () 12/03/2022 postreply 09:19:09


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