No, I am anti-communist but not anti-China

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And Hong Kong did go down gradually.  The importance is diminishing and even Trump knows it. This protest looks very much like Sunflower in Taiwan except the consequences are not as critical. An anxious crowd feeling vulnerable because once all superior feelings against Mainland are gradually gone. You can only view this in a few years later and clearly see the nonsense.  In a way this is indeed a landmark event when Hong Kong being absorbed in China. Believe me, some of the protesters will try to find jobs in China in a year.


你得了吧。今天中国的巨大变化有目共睹,你意思这和TG无关,全老百姓自己折腾出来的?那么喜欢用英文。混文学城干嘛? -2441- 给 2441 发送悄悄话 2441 的博客首页 2441 的个人群组 (0 bytes) () 06/19/2019 postreply 17:07:00


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