Recession always starts from the weakest point

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Considering the recession of transportation and energy sectors, it does not bode well for the healthy of US economy. Wall street is still counting on FED's stimulation. Unfortunately, it may not work this time. Do not forget the fact that US had been in zero interest and QE from 2009 to 2016, while US economy still advanced in a stagnant pace during this period. Some of bulls are worrying about missing the rally opportunity. Let us do a reality check. We are only down about 3% from all time high as of today. Do you really believe we are going to make another all time high when some sectors are already in bear market? I am not saying that the market will crash tomorrow. One thing for sure is that the market has much more room to go down than that of the upward movement. It is time to be cautious rather than greedy.


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