for these two rental applicants, do you see any issue?

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Two adult applicants: The 1st Adult (credit score 645, past 3 years, 4 delinquencies, but do not know the detail) stated that they earn $8,000 a month and the 2nd Adult (credit score 780) stated they earn $28,000 a month. Their income not verified yet but looking at the 2 paystubs the 2nd Adult provided, they probably earn $16,000 a month.


Ask for payslips and full bank statements showing the income -yuanshangdu- 给 yuanshangdu 发送悄悄话 yuanshangdu 的博客首页 (565 bytes) () 05/22/2024 postreply 23:52:57

Thanks, property mgmt told me illegal to check bank account -FSENX- 给 FSENX 发送悄悄话 (0 bytes) () 05/23/2024 postreply 21:58:55

1 is certainly bad, the other is uncertainly good... -borisg- 给 borisg 发送悄悄话 borisg 的博客首页 (30 bytes) () 05/23/2024 postreply 06:26:41

they're partners, concern is they told different incomes -FSENX- 给 FSENX 发送悄悄话 (41 bytes) () 05/23/2024 postreply 21:57:54



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