Mission imposible to down to 10 schools?

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he already counted with current school list, need more than 10,000 words essay all together. Still debating REA between Stanford and Princeton. 高中亚裔不多. lack of reference. Last one to get Stanford is a few years ago, similar profile like him with slightly lower standard test scores,  white male.  Never see anyone get in MIT, Caltech.  Don't like Yale, might apply Harvard if he still have time and energy to get the essay ready :-) 


如果只是你列出的这些,又没有隐瞒的奖项 -吹着吹着就牛了- 给 吹着吹着就牛了 发送悄悄话 吹着吹着就牛了 的博客首页 吹着吹着就牛了 的个人群组 (57 bytes) () 09/17/2018 postreply 21:10:15

你要看你们学校过往历史.... -iGarage- 给 iGarage 发送悄悄话 iGarage 的博客首页 iGarage 的个人群组 (354 bytes) () 09/18/2018 postreply 08:53:20


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