failed replace the egr cooler

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Ford F-250 2008 6.4 diesel, 157k miles. Coolant leaked out radiator, very small, like 10 drops a day. Try duct tape it, haha, nay, but did put a lot of plumber putty.

I decided to replace the radiator. also decided to replace the thermostat per dieseltechRon (he died of a car accident, I only notice him after I saw some YouTube videos and really like his way of approaching the issues and humble being).

Truck had work wrench a few times so I decided while changing out the radiator and thermostat, I shall take out the egr coolers and clean them to see that helps.
The radiator replacement is worth a post, and theamostat too. they are not easy, lots of removing parts. I made it.

I failed installing the egr cooler where the hose connects to exhaust pipe. Forgot to say after the initial replacement of radiator and thermostat and took out the egr body, egr coolers. I washed them w the purple grease solution just like I did about two years ago. it was relative easy to take out the egr coolers, two nuts upper cooler connecting to egr, two nuts connecting both horizontal egr and vertical egr, and two nut connecting the vertical egr to exhaust. plus three nuts to tie vertical egr to engine body and two nuts tying horizontal egr cooler to engine body. this is a total of 11 bolts, how easy is that just like I say go to the moon.
it’s a hell job on a Sunday when wife goes to work as she hates seeing me messing the garage. so just timing her work schedule and trying to complete the fix is already part of ordeal.
truck was parked w its tail sticking out garage door as moving the truck totally and closing the door would require half an hour moving a cabinet.
New parts came in last week. I was particular at the hose pipe. This tubing had a more aggressive leak after I put back the egr coolers as it was a wrestle to fit, I must have forced and twisted much so the rubber pipe had a tiny cut. It’s impossible to drive the truck more than 10 miles. No coolant, idiots can burn the whole thing.
to buy just this piece versus buying the two egr coolers plus hardware and pipes makes it more economical sense, $90 vs $170, so I ordered the whole egr package.
After taking out the existing parts, I compared each part. The very pipe I cut during the last install, the replacement part looks different in length and shape. I though I can still put it on, worst case would be to cut it short.
And that’s what I did. The space was tight. I was able to crawl under the truck, but lifting my body to reach the pipe would require one hand to hold onto the bar. I have no strength to twist and pull, push or exert forces to either get the pipe in or get it out.
Every few minutes I had to break.
I had no strength.
Sun is getting down.
Neighbors are walking by and I can only hear he is working on the truck. I know very well a neat neighbor can’t tolerate a half close door.
Did I hear in Sacramento there is a law prohibiting people working on their cars? Just change oil and rotate tires. The world is going down the hell.
By 7 pm, I was still at the pipe, putting the exhaust side in first, then trying to pushing in the egr cooler side in just like I did w the existing pipe. The new one is a lot thicker and stiffer, plus the orientation is different, off 10 degrees.
I lied on the garage floor, cold and used Nemo’s pad. Dog passed away, if he is here, he would just sit next to me. Occasionally he would want food. Other than that he would be my company and I would enjoy it. I keep thinking of the time to be w my parents are nearer. I am so dead in living.
Son brought in a slice of pizza and hot chicken Brito from Costco as I have no energy to cook.
By 9 pm, I gave up. There is no way I can put on the hose. Wife will be back by midnight. Monday I have to go work. The truck has to be outside the garage. That leave me only one option. Which is just to put back the broken leaking pipe. I put around electrical tape, as much as it allows, 5 rounds.
Put the egr coolers back, 6 connecting bolts, 5 tie nuts, a total of 11 bolts, as easy i people say I want to fly to moon.
By 11 pm, I see no strength to continue as I fit on the old tubing, I can’t seem to be able to tighten the screws that I broke the sticking sharp metal that would bite into the rubber so the locking nut won’t move around as force is trying to tightening.
Texted wife that I had to leave garage door open.
After 12:30, she got home. I was dead and won’t matter too much if she acts up.
March in the Bay Area, garage is cold. I decided just to sleep in the truck. Oh I have been sleeping in the garage ever since son got back after his college. We have two bedroom townhome and I don’t sleep w wife as she won’t let me. Hell the world.
Next morning I zip tied the hose and tightened the bolts. Given this is a bandage fix, I left two tie screws disconnected.
The steering wheel is not straight. I debated about firing up the truck and turn the wheel to align up correctly. Given the time pressure, I tossed my favored quarter. Two heads don’t do it. And it actually turned two heads. Sometimes I just have faith in something.
Truck drive out on Monday. Old pipe did not leak yet.
I drove the truck to work today and have checked twice and found no leak. (I did find the hood can’t be closed. )
I know I have to do it three times to make it chime. Just pray it won’t be next week. Don’t let it die on road.
Just parked truck and opened up hood as it won’t close, a loud explosion kind of sound, coolant gushing out like a river. Time to celebrate for the failure. Glad it wasn’t in the mid way between home and work.

Lots of cuts and bruise on both hands. iPhone won’t acknowledge my thumb.
2 lbs of vapor and fat burning in a day.


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发现井喷状漏是因为接到coolant reservoir的clip没锁紧。买了三个liter 冷冻液,下周继续试车。 -leslieking- 给 leslieking 发送悄悄话 leslieking 的个人群组 (0 bytes) () 04/04/2021 postreply 17:05:00


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