If I were you

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回答: We are in California, and my son wants to do EECSSmilee2015-09-30 11:42:52

I would let him pick UCB over all other schools, except for the top 5,6 schools.

If he gets into MIT, by all means I would send him to MIT. (Over UCB).

Now, this assumes he will be doing engineering as his longer-term career and he is very steadfast on that.

If there is any chance he may do law, business or medicine in the future, by all means pick even little ivies, Chicago, Duke and alike over UCB.


Thanks for your inputs. Will ponder more on this -Smilee- 给 Smilee 发送悄悄话 Smilee 的个人群组 (0 bytes) () 09/30/2015 postreply 15:02:04