The numbers are all over the places

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回答: Do you have solid numbers to back the claims?Smilee2015-09-30 11:23:39

Make no mistake, UCB is one of the greatest schools around.

For CA students, it makes a lot of sense if the kid can not make the top 5, 6 schools.

But for out of state kids paying almost as high as for a private college, it makes more sense going to even a 10-20 ranked private school than UCB.  Engineering field is an exception though if the kid is a hardcore engineering type.


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We are in California, and my son wants to do EECS -Smilee- 给 Smilee 发送悄悄话 Smilee 的个人群组 (458 bytes) () 09/30/2015 postreply 11:42:52

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