ABCs will face more competition from mainlanders for sure

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Not just the ones applying directly from Mainland, but those just spend a few years in high schools here, and loads and loads of MS & HS students are still coming.

It is often said that ABCs are put in a completely separate pool from other students, but the boundary of the pool will be blurred going forward - which isn't great news for families here.


有的人说自己孩子不爬藤,不操心这些问题,这是太天真了。10名以后的大学都会受到影响。 -yingyingyueyue- 给 yingyingyueyue 发送悄悄话 yingyingyueyue 的个人群组 (0 bytes) () 05/21/2015 postreply 15:50:48

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