My D is in Girl Guides, she did these in last 8 months:

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1. Presented wreath to the soldiers on memorial day at school's ceremony. Only boyscouts and girl guides were asked to do so on behalf of all kids;

2. Visited a female doctor's office: Female doctor is a road model for all the girls to be professional;

3. Special visitor (female police officer)talked about how to deal with emergency and strange people;

4. Camping in campground with 30 other girls;

5. Did tap/jazz/ballet dances;

6. Visited local chain store to learn how to purchase, transport, store and sell stuff;

7. Chinese new year celebration - of course offered by me;

8. A female chemist talked about the circulation of water and why we should not waste any;

9. Visited local senior home in Christmas;

10. Made a mug in a local ceramic studio and painted it;

11. Watched a movie with other hundreds girl guides for fundraising;

12. Group sleep over in local zoo - her favorite.

My D loves it so much, she also made lots of friends. She asked me many time to register her for next year.


Fun and educational too! :) -臭臭妈妈- 给 臭臭妈妈 发送悄悄话 臭臭妈妈 的博客首页 (0 bytes) () 03/22/2012 postreply 12:54:38

Nice!明年给女儿报名.原来老以为她们就烤饼干:P我们公司今年给她们主办地质地震讲座 -MMXIAO- 给 MMXIAO 发送悄悄话 MMXIAO 的博客首页 (0 bytes) () 03/22/2012 postreply 13:24:47

听另外一位妈妈说:她们也有野营,骑马还有什么父女dance的节目,满有意思的 -臭臭妈妈- 给 臭臭妈妈 发送悄悄话 臭臭妈妈 的博客首页 (0 bytes) () 03/22/2012 postreply 15:10:01



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