Yes. The first year will be tough.

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My D is in Girl Guides. I know Boy Scouts and Girl Guides sell cookies and popcorns twice a year for fundraising. On top of that, lots parents assisted activities, such as camping. etc.

After you familiar with the structures, it becomes easier. But be prepare to invlove a lot both physically and finacially.


我们这里一年就卖一次,看来每个地方也不一样。 -听听意见- 给 听听意见 发送悄悄话 听听意见 的博客首页 (0 bytes) () 03/22/2012 postreply 09:52:04

我家就没出去卖爆米花,因为比较暴力,但是对于food camp or coupon book etc会参加 -臭臭妈妈- 给 臭臭妈妈 发送悄悄话 臭臭妈妈 的博客首页 (0 bytes) () 03/22/2012 postreply 12:06:33



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