Love him, trust him and to be tender to him

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Just listen to your hu*****and and try your best to be more tender and more lovely to your hu*****and, but doing nothing else to hurt your relationship with your hu*****and if you really and truly love your hu*****and and if you really and truly trust your hu*****and, and then of course if you’re positive that your hu*****and really and truly loves you more than anybody else in the world.

If you are sure of these ifs, then it is not a big deal if even they might sleep together once or twice though no lover loves this kind of situation in which his/her lovers has a close relationship with another person.

You are lucky that you know for sure that they are not that close jet yet. Why worry? Love him, trust him and to be tender to him might be the best way of how you should deal with this.

Good luck.