I dont have the other issues you mentioned but share these with

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喜欢走神,But I do know what i was thinking at the time when I ignore others. 

一点也不organize, 房间乱也不收拾。lol I do clean up after I grow up. But when I was a child yes, my mum cleans after me.



你这么一说,我小时候也有几点挺像的,应该能grow out吧? -若拙- 给 若拙 发送悄悄话 若拙 的个人群组 (259 bytes) () 10/28/2019 postreply 11:47:13

I grew out of something and kept something -estar- 给 estar 发送悄悄话 estar 的个人群组 (387 bytes) () 10/28/2019 postreply 13:13:55


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